What if a snake got inside my house, bedroom, kitchen, etc.

In the eye of the general public, snakes are menacing creatures, the symbolization of evil and treachery, and should be hated and feared by all. After all, this message has been hammered into our brains so many times by visual media and pop-culture, which it has formed a permanent dent on our subconscious. With all widespread paranoia surrounding snakes, walking in your kitchen one day to find one of these creatures slithering about is not something anyone would look forward to. So, what do you do in this situation?

Don’t panic!
The worst thing you can do in any crisis, snake related or otherwise, is panic. You need to stay quiet and calmly take stock of your situation. Try and figure out how the snake got in, and if there’s an exit you can guide it to. And despite what mass media would have you believe, snakes aren’t pure evil. I know, shocking right? Snakes, by nature, are reclusive creatures and won’t go out of their way to cause trouble for you. What this means in a nutshell, is that if you stay calm with a snake and don’t aggravate it, it won’t attack you. And considering the fact that most snakes encountered in homes are the non-venomous kind, there is even less reason for you to freak out.

Take some precautions
While the snake does not pose any immediate threat to you, it would be unwise to deal with this creature without taking some precautions. First of all, calmly inform everyone in the house of its presence, making extra sure kids are kept away from the room. If you decide to deal with the snake personally, DO NOT approach it without wearing thick clothing and wearing gloves that cover most of your arms.

Summon up the courage
If you think you’re up to the task, try and drive the snake out of your home by yourself. You can take advantage of the snake’s reclusive nature, and try shooing it outside using a broom, ultimately staying out of harm’s way. However, this leaves open the possibility for the snake to return later, so a better option is to try and capture it, and then later relocate it. You can use easily available snake glue traps for this purpose, or improvise and drop an empty trash bin over it, and then carefully flip it over to land the snake inside it. Again, approach with caution.

You can always call for backup
As someone who has a crippling fear of dogs, I can totally understand if you decide to call the experts instead of trying to be macho and capturing the snake yourself. In fact, calling the experts is one of the more responsible tactics of dealing with the snake, since the experts know exactly how to handle the situation without getting you or the snake hurt.

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